Savimbi Bengals is a small cattery run out of our home. We breed beautiful bengal cats for sale as pets, breeders, and potential show cats. Our kittens are handled with love and care from the day they are born, creating well rounded social kettens. We pride ourselves in providing ongoing support to all of our clients, and we always respond to phone calls and emails. Our goal is to develop lasting personal relationships with all of our clients.

     Our kittens are kept with us until they are 12 weeks old to ensure that there are no behavioral issues associated with the kitten being separated from their litter too soon. At that time, they will have had their shots, been dewormed, fully weaned from their mother, and able to eat solid food and use a litterbox. Our bengal kittens are all veterinarian checked before leaving our cattery. We want to ensure that our kittens are socialized and ready to interact with their new family, including the ability to be comfortable around dogs and children.

     Please check back frequently to see our latest litter of bengal kittens and bengal cats for sale. Feel free to follow us on instagram and facebook.

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If interested in any of our kittens, or interested in being placed on our waiting list, please contact us via the 'contact' tab at the top of our page.