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We would like you to meet our beautiful queens!

Meet Malikaz/Haley

She is a sweet and loving girl, and such a little love bug. She is a Seal Spotted Lynx Tabby born on 8/27/18

Haley had her litter of five 3/8/20

Mommy and her babies are doing great and we will be adding pics soon

Meet  Hope of Savimbi Bengals

Hope is definitely a mommy's girl who loves to chat. She is a Seal Mink Spotted Tabby, born on 12/12/18.

Hope is pregnant and is due March 25 20.

can't wait to see her litter

Meet Davina of Savimbi Bengals.

She is a timid girl, but once she warms up to you, good luck keeping her off of your lap! You will fall in love with her amazing blue eyes. She is a Seal Lynx Tabby Point, born on 12/22/18

Meet our queen Camomile of Savimbi Bengals

She is a wild child and has very high energy. She loves to play and run on her wheel, which is her favorite thing to do when shes not napping in her dads lap. She is a brown spotted tabby, born on 7/2/19. She carries A2/a and C/cs, and we cant wait to see her kittens someday